Monday, November 3, 2008

MIGRATION/Comments by Archbishop Marchetto of Pontifical Council for Care of Migrants


VATICAN CITY, 3 NOV 2008 (VIS) - Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant peoples, participated in the Second Global Forum on Migration and Development, which was held in Manila, Philippines, from 27 to 30 October.

In his English-language address, delivered on 29 October and made public today, the head of the Holy See delegation affirmed that " any form of temporary and circular migration should never be taken as a pretext for avoiding full respect of migrants' rights, and specifically their right to family reunification, their right to the recognition of their contribution to development both by their work and by means of their savings sent home. Failings in this area would point to a lack of integration and co-operation policies in host countries, as well as of national development policies in the countries of origin".

"Governments should continue to create conditions where migration will never be the only option left to persons in order to find a job and a safe and dignified life. More opportunities for work should be created at home and all migration policies that undermine the foundations of society, especially the family which is its basic nucleus, should be avoided. The possible advantages of emigration are defeated by the problems that emerge, notable in families at risk of disintegration".

Archbishop Marchetto indicated that "in host countries family reunification is the best way to promote the integration of immigrants and to eliminate many problems, especially those related to security and public order.

"Migrants", he concluded, "are not only a problem, but also a gift for our societies. They help us in our work, oblige us to open our minds, economies and policies and stimulate us in the search for new models. Only together we can win this challenge and open our present world to the future which we all wish to enjoy".


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