Monday, July 13, 2009

Aid Director Notes Encyclical's Scope

Speaks for Poor from 140 Countries

KOENIGSTEIN, Germany, JULY 13, 2009 (

The international president of Aid to the Church in Need is affirming the value of the Benedict XVI's latest encyclical, especially its emphasis on freedom and responsibility to eliminate injustice.Father Joaquín Alliende stated this in an open letter to the Pope as a response to the encyclical "Caritas in Veritate," which was released to the public last week.

The priest explained his perspective, as one who listens to "the cries of the poor from over 140 different countries."

He affirmed that he wrote the letter on their behalf, to express gratitude for the encyclical's cry "against the scandal of injustice."

In this document, Father Alliende stated to the Pontiff, you show us that "the way of hope that is not simply one more illusion, one more adventure leading to a new failure."

He continued: "Your words proclaim the fact that the poverty and inequality in the world are not a question of fate, not simply a natural disaster."You urge us to be conscious of our own freedom."

The priest underlined the encyclical's call to "awaken our sense of responsibility for the shaping of a 21st century of peace that is born of truth and justice."


This document conveys the "wisdom of Christ," he affirmed, and shows us "the meaning of an intelligent, rational and effective love."

"Caritas in Veritate" opens up "the horizons of practical brotherhood and solidarity," he noted, and in it "there shines the essential truth of human friendship.

"The agency director acknowledged that the encyclical responds to "crucial questions" such as: "Can the inhabitants of this earth live together as brothers? Can those in greatest need be put first among us all?

"In the midst of the worldwide financial crisis, he continued, the document points out that "justice and solidarity are not achieved simply by making financial adjustments."

"Rather than changing laws and regulations," the priest wrote to the Holy Father, "you call for a firm ethical decision, in a spirit of national and global harmony."

He added, "You venture to ask space for a creative and spontaneous fraternity."

Father Alliende acknowledged Benedict XVI's message to worldwide leaders, proposing the Gospel "as the soul of the economy of a future age."

He concluded by thanking the Pope for his "stark realism and for the uncompromising truth of love."

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